Sunday, June 25, 2017
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  • Island of Bonaire
    Island of Bonaire Windsurfing Lac Bay, Bonaire
    and other DISCOVERIES
  • Reef-er Madness!
    Reef-er Madness! Windsurfing at Sherkston Shores
    on Lake Erie's REEF
  • Lake Geneva!
    Lake Geneva! Windsurfing Lake Geneva, WI.
    Rider: Ben Johnston FREESTYLE
  • Tropical Paradise
    Tropical Paradise August windsurfing at Michigan's OVAL BEACH
  • 30 Year Anniversary
    30 Year Anniversary Chicago: The Windsurf City. FLASHBACK 1985
  • Maui in April
    Maui in April Partly cloudy chance of Double Fowards.
    photos by Garry Zack. LET IT "REIGN"
  • Lake Michigan's Halloween
    Lake Michigan's Halloween Due to gnarliness viewer discretion is ADVISED
  • Creve Coeur
    Creve Coeur Windsurfing's gateway to The West
    A Bob Mechtly video. SHOW ME
  • OPERATION: Drop In
    OPERATION: Drop In Windsurfing Lake Carlyle's BOAT RAMP
  • 70 Launches!
    70 Launches! 19 lakes, 4 states, and counting...
    Launch menu with TELEPORTATION
  • The Wall
    The Wall Feel the need. The need for speed!
    photos by richipera GET YOUR FIX
  • Montrose Beach
    Montrose Beach Chicago's very own. TUNE IN
  • Industrial Windsurfing
    Industrial Windsurfing Authorized Personnel Only
  • Baja Mexico
    Baja Mexico Windsurfing and adventure in Baja Mexico.
    A Chris Mihill film. WATCH MOVIE
  • Wolf Lake
    Wolf Lake Windsurfing through the lens of
    Ella Geen. SEE PHOTOS
  • AREA 32
    AREA 32 Clinton's Area 32 : "That was a UFO beaming
    back at ya" -Jack Nicholson, Easy Rider. VIEW
  • Lake Carlyle
    Lake Carlyle A windsurfing vacation in itself. SEE PHOTOS

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  • Ady shared a photo in the Random pictures album
    Strolling in the park with my dog while people are ripping on 5.7s out there.
    9 hours 16 minutes ago
  • Ady
    Have fun guys! I'm grounded again because of silly car issues. This year just keeps being crazy for me :(
    9 hours 21 minutes ago
  • Ady replied to the topic 'Sheboygan Chronicles - 2017' in the forum.
    Bout time! Looking at the graph you'll be likely on your strong wind gear though.
    [File Attachment: IMG_2031.png]
    9 hours 27 minutes ago
  • Rich Guttschow replied to the topic 'Saturday 6/24/17' in the forum.
    I'm heading out now but have some boat work to do first in the marina.
    12 hours 52 minutes ago
  • Gregory replied to the topic 'Sheboygan Chronicles - 2017' in the forum.
    Saturday June 24. Heading out to Lake Winnebago after 6 weeks off. 13-15 knots, finally time to get the new lightweight bd kit to good use....
    15 hours 42 minutes ago
  • Reid Fillman created a new topic ' Saturday 6/24/17' in the forum.
    NOAA: Sunny, with a high near 75. West northwest wind 8 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph.

    [File Attachment: Clinton_6_24_2017.png]

    [File Attachment: 6_24_2017_2.jpg]...
    21 hours 37 minutes ago
  • Reid Fillman replied to the topic 'Thursday 6/22/17' in the forum.
    Fun day. The wind was south, so offshore. It made for flat water. No dock bounce chop. And very little motorboats outs. The flat water made...
    21 hours 57 minutes ago
  • Reid Fillman shared 8 photos in the Clinton Lake 2017 album
    Windsurfing at Clinton Lake, IL
    View Location 22 hours 5 minutes ago
  • Garry Zack replied to the topic 'SW for Thu 08.13' in the forum.
    Well I guess this is a good place to start as this was the last time I was on the water (8/13/15). 2016 was a bad year to get on the water,...
  • Rich Guttschow replied to the topic 'Thursday 6/22/17' in the forum.
    Reid was moving real good when I got there at 2:30 but it was pretty spotty after that. A few nice rides and no boat chop, that was a nice...
  • Gregory replied to the topic 'Freak Accident. Big thanks to Alan for rescue me' in the forum.
    The curse of spring 2017! This has to stop!
    Hope you feel better soon.
  • Chris replied to the topic 'Thursday 6/22/17' in the forum.
    Did you guys get some rides?