Wednesday, July 08, 2015
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  • Maui in April
    Maui in April Partly cloudy chance of Double Fowards.
    photos by Garry Zack. LET IT "REIGN"
  • Hatteras Wave Jam
    Hatteras Wave Jam If Wavehog Films Chicago and the
    American Windsurfing Tour had a baby...
    Movie 14 - A Brief History of the Wave Jam
  • Lake Michigan's Halloween
    Lake Michigan's Halloween Due to gnarliness viewer discretion is ADVISED.
  • Creve Coeur
    Creve Coeur Windsurfing's gateway to The West
    A Bob Mechtly video. SHOW ME
  • OPERATION: Drop In
    OPERATION: Drop In Windsurfing Lake Carlyle's BOAT RAMP
  • 70 Launches!
    70 Launches! 19 lakes, 4 states, and counting...
    Launch menu with TELEPORTATION
  •  Texas Vacation!
    Texas Vacation! Movie 13 from Wavehog Films
    More Breakfast Tacos
  • The Calumet Wall
    The Calumet Wall Feel the need. The need for speed!
    photos by richipera GET YOUR FIX
  • Montrose Beach
    Montrose Beach Chicago's very own. TUNE IN
  • Meanwhile in Izmir
    Meanwhile in Izmir St. Louis to Izmir. Take the tour.
    A chadonline film. WATCH MOVIE
  • Lake Michigan
    Lake Michigan ...but, Master Yoda, I'm not afraid. - Luke
    You will be...You...will be... - Yoda
  • Baja Mexico
    Baja Mexico Windsurfing and adventure in Baja Mexico.
    A Chris Mihill film. WATCH MOVIE
  • Home Break Raiders
    Home Break Raiders Recon and lookout assistance provided
    by the SCOUT PLANE
  • Chicago Windsurfers
    Chicago Windsurfers See all the new Group Forums
  • Wolf Lake
    Wolf Lake Windsurfing through the lens of
    Ella Geen. SEE PHOTOS
  • AREA 32
    AREA 32 Clinton's Area 32 : "That was a UFO beaming
    back at ya" -Jack Nicholson, Easy Rider. VIEW

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ATLANTIC Trailer | Festival 2014
Looks like a cool movie. Reminds me of the guys who have escaped Cuba on windsurfing boards at different times - 96 miles, 9 1/2 to 12 hour journey to freedom.
Windsurfing Bird Island TX April 2015
Half the file size, all the stoke! And listen to that nice sound track, you won't find that on YouTube. Makes a guy wanna download the original from iTunes.
Landboard Windsurfing - Creve Coeur lake Feb 8 2015
It's also a great tool for improving fundamental sail skills.

Latest Activity

  • Stefan Hamran replied to the topic 'Tuesday 7/07/2015' in the forum.
    What application/website is this screenshot from?
    2 hours 38 minutes ago
  • Ady replied to the topic 'Tuesday 7/07/2015' in the forum.
    Few of us had a decent sailing at the wall. I started with a 5.2/86 untill 13:30 when it dropped and caught me in with my pants down and I...
    3 hours 32 minutes ago
  • Reid Fillman created a new topic ' Tuesday 7/07/2015' in the forum.
    Anybody get a piece of it? I had an appointment :( Michigan side was going off - South Haven to Michigan city. St. Joe buoy hit 9 1/2...
    4 hours 49 minutes ago
  • Ady
    Nice N day eh?! Omw to 87th .
    13 hours 36 minutes ago
  • Ady replied to the topic 'Learning Progression' in the forum.
    I would actually remove the footstraps for now if I were you. You don't need them in light wind, they are only in your way distracting you....
    15 hours 24 minutes ago
  • Andrew Scheidler replied to the topic 'Learning Progression' in the forum.
    Absolutely get your front foot in the strap first, then once you get planing and are in control, slip the back foot in. In medium wind...
    16 hours 41 minutes ago
  • Ady replied to the topic 'Learning Progression' in the forum.
    It seems like you are trying to develop bad habits already -like putting your back foot in the strap first. You may have hard time getting...
  • Garry Zack replied to the topic 'Learning Progression' in the forum.
    I thought I would continue with this string regarding my progression.
    "7/6/15 Lake Andrea" 165L & 5.5 sail
    Arrived before 10 and I would...
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  • Ady commented on the photo image
    Riding it the old cowboy style @Lake Andrea 07.05
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